What we do

Retribuo Design is a FREE graphic design service where you submit your design requests (logo, banner etc) and our team will get you request to you as soon as possible. You can suggest changes to your design until you're completely satisfied. All we ask is that you promote Retribuo Design and spread the word.

Who we are

Founded by myself, Liam Hayes, I am a young and passionate designer from England currently studying at the University of Kent. Starting off as the only member, I am now growing Retribuo Design into a network of passionate designers such as myself.

What to do now

This is an exciting time for Retribuo, having amassed a combined following of more than 2000. If you require a design, click the 'Request a Design' tab and submit your request. If you enjoy making designs yourself and would like to join Retribuo as a designer, send your details to me here.


For general queries, ask a question using the Ask Box or contact me, Liam Hayes, directly using the links to my social networks.

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